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The Servo Belvac Necker

Continuously operating at 3,600 CPM the Servo Belvac Necker offers the most flexibility, highest efficiencies, and lowest cost of operation.

The Servo Belvac Necker machine utilizes advanced servo motor control technology, allowing for every turret to independently rotate. This design aspect is ideal for quicker tooling changeovers and resolving can jam situations, which significantly reduces downtime with faster synchronization and system resets. The independent motor controls along with the common base platform allow for increased flexibility regarding machine configurations and future can size upgrades. 

The Servo machine continuously operates at 3600 containers per minute (CPM) while sustaining pocket-to-pocket integrity. When operating at this rated speed, the electrical consumption is up to 15% lower than the standard motor and gearbox configuration on a traditional Necker. The mechanical brake system and gear train are not required, further simplifying maintenance requirements.  

The turret side of the Servo Belvac Necker maintains the commonality of the previous design which allows for interchangeable components between the two models. All the features of The Belvac Necker are also available on the Servo Model. Similarly, to The Belvac Necker, the Servo design can be equipped with modules to perform other processing functions including Intermediate Infeeds, Flanging, Reforming, and Inspection systems. 

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