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Benefits of THE BELVAC

The Belvac Necker, setting a new standard of speed while optimizing container quality, production throughput, and return on investment.

The Belvac Necker marks a new generation in Belvac Necking systems. Designed to be the fast-necking system on the market, The Belvac Necker optimizes production throughput, container quality, and operational expenses maximizing your return on investment. The modular cantilevered design provides unprecedented ease of access which reduces downtime during can jam situations and part changeovers.  

The Belvac set a new standard for speed reaching 3600 containers per minute, while still retaining can quality. Achieved through a precise design that incorporates piloted tooling and a larger working arc. 

The revolutionary cantilevered design of The Belvac Necker has a common modular base so any module can host the drive motor gearbox. The Belvac Necker utilizes a main motor with an integrated gearbox that eliminates the previous pulley belt system reducing overall wear parts and optimizing it for a wide range of speeds. 

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