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We supply both CD2 and CMP models

Spindle disks

The linear spindle disk combines low maintenance costs with razor-sharp print performance. The linear slide bearings used in this disk are suitable for high printing speeds and facilitate a long operational life with long term print performance.

The air and vacuum drum, assembled in the spindle disk, has dual ports for loading of cans onto the mandrels. This design was developed to facilitate better loading of the can. The first port is a soft touch loading, which loads the can onto the mandrel nose with a lower vacuum pressure which prevents spiraling of the can. The second port is high vacuum can loading, which ensures the can is fully loaded on the mandrel. This design is most effective for customers running the machine at full speed.

The new design has an auto lubrication option, which no longer requires the operator to manually lubricate each port.

The split spindle disk shaft design features two sections, the front being removable. The back section is fixed within the main frame through the disk. The removable front section facilitates fast can size changeovers by not removing the goose neck. The goose neck is “open type” which is easy access for all of the valves.

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