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The Shaper will Effortlessly Add Distinction to Both Cans and Bottles.

Containers that require vertical sidewall shaping and need to be finished as a can require a high-speed, dependable, and proven container shaping solution. The Shaper is the perfect choice. The Shaper will effortlessly add distinction to both cans and bottles by shaping the sidewall of the container up to 200 mm from the top edge and within 16 mm of the can outside dimension at the top of the chime profile.


The Shaper is a multi-drive system. The number of required drives is dependent on the required number of operations and subsequent number of stages needed to arrive at the desired shaped container.

The Shaper also demonstrates pocket-to-pocket integrity as the can moves through the necking process. Cans in feed and transfer with 20 pocket star wheels and are shaped on active turrets with 12 pocket star wheels with a 270 degree working arc. The number of turrets required is a function of the progressions necessary.

Can height range is from 95.3 mm up to 254 mm, and the can body size range from 45.0 mm to 73 mm. Both height and diameter adjustments have quick-change capabilities.


The modular design of the Shaper platform features automatic cam lubrication, an add on waxer, and air assisted discharge track work. Belvac’s stand alone 450QC container waxer is designed to apply mineral oil or hot wax lubricant to the exterior open ends of the container prior to the necking operations.

The modular platform can accommodate up to 20 processing modular bases and additional stages for can inspection modules.


Belvac’s infeed track work is compatible with many systems designed by many manufacturers. The infeed uses a constant velocity vacuum starwheel which brings cans into the machine at a steady rate.


The ram assembly has a dual action cam stroke on a vertical main shaft. The push stroke is 129.5 mm and the die cam stroke is 101.1 mm. The dual stroke design allows for both the depth of the shaping process and the high rotational speeds of the turret.

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