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Through deep necking and expansion, The Shaper effortlessly adds distinction to cans and bottles up to 1200 CPM.

The Belvac Shaper creates deep necks and expansions resulting in unique container shapes at speeds up to 1200 CPM. The Shaper effortlessly adds distinction to both cans and bottles by shaping the sidewall of the container up to 200mm from the cut edge and 16mm above the chime of the can. 

Can height ranges from 95.3 mm up to 254 mm, and the diameter ranges from 45.0 mm to 83.8 mm. Both height and diameter adjustments have quick-change capabilities. The modular design of the Shaper features an automatic cam lubrication, optional waxer designed for mineral oil or hot wax application. 


The Shaper is a multi-drive system. The number of required drives is dependent on the required number of operations and subsequent number of stages needed to arrive at the desired shaped container.

The Shaper utilizes an advanced servo motor system that removes the traditional gears and oil bath while allowing each turret and transfer to rotate independently, ideal for quick tooling changeovers. When equipped to recirculate, the footprint is significantly reduced, changeovers are faster, and there are less wear parts. Compressed air, vacuum blowers and push pads utility requirements are also greatly reduced due to recirculation. 

The Shaper demonstrates pocket-to-pocket integrity as the can moves through the necking process. The number of turrets required is a function of the progressions necessary.  


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