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Service Solutions

Belvac is committed to supplying our customers with the highest levels of service, the highest quality spare parts and state of the art training programs. An attitude of success and accomplishment will be found at Belvac when you choose them to meet your service parts and maintenance needs.

– Global Service Locations
– Field Service and Maintenance
– Customized Training Programs
– Spare Parts Programs
– Upgrade and Retrofit Kits

Predictive Maintenance Programs

Field Service and Maintenance

Our service department is now organized into two groups: Field Service will assist you with emergency service, retrofits, upgrades, speed-ups and warranty issues. Field Maintenance will handle on-site training, machine audits, predictive maintenance programs and new machine startups. Our worldwide toll-free phone line now assures that you can have access to the parts and service you need, when you need them.

Additionally, we have greatly enhanced our ability to respond quickly to your needs by basing service engineers and parts depots in both Europe and North America. Our factory-trained technicians can assist you with all of your Belvac service needs.

Customized Training Programs

Customized Training Programs can be conducted on-site or, to avoid the everyday interruptions inherent at a production facility, they can be conducted at Belvac. Classroom and hands-on training is available for the complete 595 system, including Necker, Flanger, Reformer, Reprofiler and Waxers. Courses are also available for the CC93, CC95 and CT500 Trimmers. The length of training classes can range from three days to two weeks for eight hours each day.

Spare Parts Program

Belvac is committed to providing our customers with world class service, parts and training. To accomplish this, we’ve refocused our efforts to assure that we respond quickly to your needs and we’ve completely restructured the way we manufacture, inventory and ship spare parts. We’ve analyzed your spare parts needs and developed programs to assure shipment of 85% of the most commonly-used parts within 72 hours-even sooner when its an emergency.

Upgrade and Retrofit Kits

Upgrade and retrofit kits are available for nearly every situation, from kits for trimmer brush control assemblies to fully integrated 440 Waxers that can be added to existing 595/595K neckers. Many of the machines sold in the past can provide enhanced performance by the installation of one or more of the kits offered. Click one of the following links for information about Upgrades and Retrofits:
Bottom Rim Coaters

Predictive Maintenance Program

Programs integrating both upgrades and our Predictive Maintenance Program can be tailored to your specific needs. We’ve analyzed millions of hours of machine performance and developed Rebuild and Restoration Programs that can help keep your Belvac equipment running like new. These programs include:
– Machine audits by a Belvac Service Engineer.
– Factory-built subassemblies to replace critical moving parts.
– Expert installation and machine qualification by a Belvac Service Engineer.
– Minimal downtime based on your schedule.
– 12-month warranty on Belvac-installed parts and labor.
– Contact us for more information about the CC92/93 Trimmer Restoration Program.
– Contact us for more information about the Ram Assembly Replacement Program.

With our enhanced service you receive:
– Shipment within 72 hours of 85% of the most commonly used parts.
– Even faster shipment if it’s an emergency.
– Parts depots in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
– Service engineers based worldwide to assure quick response.
– Free analysis and recommendations for your critical parts inventory to maintain equipment to factory specifications.
– Upgrade and retrofit kits
– Predictive Maintenance Program
– Customized training programs
– Interactive computer-based training module

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