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Designed to Optimize Can Plant Productivity and Profitability

The Belvac Intelligent Manufacturing System is a combination of hardware and software working in tandem with the necking process to create significant value for Metal Container Manufacturers.

With Belvac’s industry expertise, vision system defects are grouped and prioritized to assist the plant in locating the root cause of the spoilage. Dynamic quality control and sampling reduces downtime and provides intelligent trouble shooting of up stream problems. Real-time trending alerts the operator of “out of control” conditions based on SPC charts. The Operator can quickly view Pareto charts that point to the biggest contributor of defects.

Real-time and historical data can be compared to understand trends.


The most significant benefit of the IMS, when added to your Belvac Necker, is the rapid return on investment and the long term increased margins on your can making operation. This is delivered through higher through put, reduced material waste, planned maintenance programs, and reduced trouble-shooting downtime. By reducing: down time through automatic troubleshooting, spoilage of average incident of a major defect, costs related to major defects incident (sorting, resampling), maintenance downtime, downtime high speed sampling and spare parts/inventory, you can boost profits.

More Benefits

• Track container quality by Bodymaker ID

• Trend container quality by can count and Bodymaker ID

• Identify container drop out by Bodymaker and Necker Pocket by correlation

• Inspect for missing IC coating with spray dot correlation ID guns and gun cleaning

• Track container loading issues by cans and turret pocket correlation

• Able to ID Bodymaker defects by Body- maker trends quickly for rapid response to issues without reduced downtime to troubleshoot problems

• Reduction of line down time to resolve issues without having to shut down the Necker to troubleshoot

Summing It Up

The IMS provides early warning of machine and process changes that could lead to catastrophic failure or product defects. Devices imbedded in the IMS will provide immediate diagnostic and analytical

performance data to an operator and/or maintenance personnel within a can plant, Belvac, or even at the company headquarters, on machine access to Belvac manuals, assembly drawings, and troubleshooting diagnostics.

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