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Belvac builds inkers for speeds from 600 to 2.200 CPM and can offer all models required, our inkers are build to the best specifications, with the right Toe-in of the plate cylinder shaft, with Ceramic covered parts, hardened and ground geartrains, the latest model oscillating kits, low leak fountains, and watercooled, we even supply inkers with watercooling on the plate cylinder shaft.

Our inkers are buid to remain in the Decorator for over a year, Rosario has build inkers for many canmakers in the world, Ball Packaging, Crown Cork& Seal, Rexam and many other canmakers.

Inkers to use over decades

During production lifetime Inkers require a relatively high amount of maintenance care.

Without the right attention to these it leads to less production time and unwanted downtime.

The result, longer maintenance time you would probably like spend more wisely.
Bevac has worked hard to optimise the operational life of inkers. we have fitted as standard our 21 point central lubrication system, Oscillating assemblies and Ceramic-coated stainless steel oscillating shafts.

Our inkers are build to an extreme correct Toe-in and with first class parts reducing maintenance to once per year instead of the typical twice a year maintenance need.

* You can consider our IMC (Inker Maintenance Concept)for trouble free inker performance. Guaranteed optimum inkers for a fixed price per year.

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