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The Operator Gets Full Control

The High Speed Selective Sorter™ (HS3) is a Necker add-on to sample, sort, or facilitate correlation without interrupting normal production speeds.

The High Speed Selective Sorter™ is driven by Belvac Intelligent Technology™ Software. Software used in the HS3 system is intuitive and provides the operator a number of options in container sampling. The operator has the choice of configuring which samples will be selected, from which Necker pockets these samples will come as well as how many cans to sample. The system can be programmed with a repeat schedule for routine sampling. Sampling options are configured via the operator interface and can be stored as recipes for future use. System configuration can be accessed through the interface eliminating the need for additional calibration equipment when calibration. Plant Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) can be used to remotely configure sample requests based on QA scheduling and process driven quality sampling requirements.


The Benefits of the dynamic sampling of the Belvac High Speed Selective Sorter™

• Quality control on beverage lines will no longer require stoppages to take samples

• Avoid starving back-end equipment of cans

• Eliminate spoilage associated with machine start-up after sampling

• Cans are not damaged during sampling

• Dynamic high speed sampling is more accurate

• Increased production output

• Unlimited sampling options with pocket-to-pocket integrity

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