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Modeled On Our 40 Years of Experience

The uniqueness of the Belvac Series of Trimming and Finishing Machinery is best detailed by its modular construction.

Each base platform provides superior container handling in conjunction with specific functions relative to finalizing high-value wide mouth containers made from low cost narrow neck preforms.

A market that has been explored by not fully exploited is the PET “can”. Most commonly this is seen in tennis ball canisters, or those containers sealed by a double-seam, full opening lid. As shown below the only limitation to growing this market is our imagination. In addition to full aluminum lids for pressurized goods, or containers injected with a nitrogen gas flush, lower cost alternatives exist. These include combination foil stocks and conduction sealed paper, foil or poly stocks, ideal for inert goods including snacks, pre-packed goods, candy, pasta, etc. This concept has, and can continue to work with beverages, both still and carbonated.

By combining our DT Dome trimmer system with our patented FT Flange Trimming system, modeled on our 40 years of experience in making two piece beverage cans, you can open your business to new markets, differentiating both you and your customers from the limits of today’s packaging choices.

Applications requiring additional processing of the finished container can be outfitted with modules to provide leak detection and camera based vision systems.

Plastic bottle producers are faced with numerous challenges. One of them should not be how to provide their customers with a consumer friendly finished container, with maximum seal integrity. With the wide array of options available for packaging a variety of products in plastic, including PET, various polyolefin constructions, PVC, PP, and other compositions, the Belvac series of trimming and finishing machines provide you with the solution to this daunting challenge.

Over the years, Belvac Production Machinery has been responsible for numerous advances in can making technology. Belvac has developed innovative designs and processes enabling customers to steadily increase line speeds, improve quality and productivity, while significantly reducing material costs. Now, Belvac is using this same core competency to engineer and manufacture both medium and high-speed precision machinery solutions for the plastic container industry.

Let us put our 40 years of experience designing and building machinery to the highest world-class standards to work for you.

If you are currently using injection blow molding technology, changing to the blow-trim process may save you money and increase your market penetration. If you are in the process of establishing new lines, or would consider a change over, our Excel based Cost Comparison for Wide Mouth Trim Off Process spreadsheet can detail the benefits. Call, fax, or e-mail us today for your copy.

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