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Designed for Offset Neck Containers

The uniqueness of Trimming and Finishing Machinery is best detailed by its modular construction.

Each base platform provides superior container handling in conjunction with specific functions relative to finalizing high-value plastic bottles.

Extrusion blow molders have traditionally been limited by low speed in-line speed spin or linear trimmers, or guillotine systems. These low performance systems offer a single point of control and inconsistent performance at one of the most critical points of the blown bottle – the top sealing surface!

Belvac Production Machinery has overcome these limited choices with the introduction of our rotary and finishing series of machines. Containers are fed directly from the blow molding machine upright, into the DTO Series dome trimmer, for a clean and repeatable, chip free, and burr free dome decapitation. The mechanically driven, cam actuated knife assembly provides a burr free decapitation of the excess dome. We also offer our patented burnishing system designed to smooth out the top sealing surface (TSS) or the inner neck finish or ID, usually an area of concern for containers that make contact with consumers’ mouths. Our New DTO Series, rated up to 200 bottles per minute, accommodates most polyolefin constructions with offset necks, both round and non-round bodies, including handleware.

The DTO Series 4 manages more challenging containers by rotating the three point head in lieu of trying to turn non-symmetrical containers, resulting in a more consistent precision trim at the critical neck finish.

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