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The Belvac Cupping Press

The Belvac Cupping Press features high process reliability, high output, and unsurpassed quality, continuously operating up to 300 SPM.

Belvac offers state-of-the-art technology in the design and manufacturing of the new Cupping Press.  The unique proven design requires no additional foundation requirements prior to installation, removing costly facility upgrades. The low maintenance design has a high precision guidance system, dynamic counter balancing with no vibration, and a decoupled main drive installation. 

Other features include a quick release for shorter reaction time, and an encoder controlled automatic slide adjustment and clamped pressure point. The Belvac Cupping Press has reduced downtime for tool and coil change as well as maintenance and service. Innovative ideas such as the dynamic counter balance facilitates high production speeds. 

A welded monoblock frame with reinforced bed provides increased durability and reduced die wear. Dynamic mass counterbalance combined with absorbing spring dampers allows the Cupping Press to reach speeds of 300 spm with low vibration and minimum foundation requirements. The press is mounted on anti-vibration pads/ damper elements directly on the floor to further eliminate vibration. The Cupper has a separated hydraulic and lubrication unit and a motorized size adjustment. 

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