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Unique and Innovative Design

The Belvac model CT500 Rotary Can Trimmer incorporates over two decades of experience in can trimming technology.

The CT500 utilizes five separate rotating trim stations. This simple design eases setup and reduces the number of change parts as well as the time required for can size change. Can height conversions are accomplished by changing mandrels and solid spacers within the can handling system.

Each trim station is a simple, rugged unit that incorporates a patented D-knife and a scrap knurl system that positively controls and ejects the trim segment into a large scrap chute. A combination of air and vacuum loads and unloads the can from the mandrel.

There is no infeed starwheel and cans are loaded directly onto the constant velocity main turret starwheel. This small diameter reduces the centrifugal force on the cans and minimizes the potential for can damage.

The cantilevered design optimizes access to the can handling and trim station areas for ease of maintenance and can size changes. Break-away infeed and discharge jam gates further enhance the functional operation of the CT500. A stainless steel door and sliding guard with safety glass ensure a safe work environment and reduce maintenance costs, while providing a pleasing appearance.

The modular construction of the CT500 allows the discharge location to be placed in the cross flow configuration or alternatively back towards the body maker.

D-Knife/Scrap Knurl System

The patented D-knife and positive scrap knurl system ensures burr free trimming and trouble free scrap discharge. All can handling components are hardened or hard chrome plated steel for long life and maximum reliability.

Cantilevered Design

The unique and functional cantilevered design, in combination with the stainless steel door and sliding guard system, allows easy access to the can handling and trim station area.

Modular Trim Stations

The modular design of the trim station minimizes assembly and set up time. Each trim station can be easily installed and removed and is dedicated to a specific can diameter.


• 500 CPM (Aluminum)

• 400 CPM (Steel)

• Simple and rugged trim stations

• Patented D-knife

• Break trim option

• Positive scrap knurl system

• Air/vacuum load and unload

• Cantilevered shaft design/improved access

• Direct infeed to main turret starwheel

• Optional infeed and discharge location

• Carbide inner knife available


• Can Size Range:
Diameter: 202 (52 mm) through 303 (77 mm)
Length: 300 (76 mm) through 610 (168 mm)

• Machine Speed: 100 to 500 CPM

• Minimum Scrap Length: .188 in. (4.78 mm)

• Maximum Scrap Length:
.875 in. (22.23 mm) standard
1.25 in. (31.75 mm) to special order

• Materials Cut: Aluminum, steel or plastic

• Maximum Gauge Material: .012 in. (0.31 mm) steel topwall

• Dimensions:
Width: 56 in. (1422 mm)
Height: 66 in. (1676 mm),
Length: 75 in. (1905 mm)

• Weight: 3800 lbs. (1724 Kgs.)

• Utility Requirements:
Vacuum: 18 in. Hg @ 30-35 CFM (457 mm Hg @ 0.85-1.0 m3/min)
Air: 50 PSIG @ 50 SCFM (345 KPa @ 1.42 m3/min)
Drive: 3 HP (2.2 KW), 3.5 KVA or 5 HP (3.7 KW), 5.5 KVA

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