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Design Engineering Achievements

Belvac Rotary Trimmers reduce downtime and ensure burr-free, sliver-free, step-free trimming.

Trimming is accomplished by flat, reusable discs or knives housed in the cartridge assembly and are available in carbide or tool steel. Modular subassemblies include cartridges, spindles, jack shaft assemblies, cut drive assemblies, main follower assemblies, and cartridge push button overrides. These subassemblies can be pre-assembled and pre-set in the toolroom, allowing minimal downtime for maintenance.

Stainless steel guards are standard on all Belvac trimmers. The use of interlock systems and bolted down enclosures allow compliance with current international safety standards.

MODEL CC93 series trimmers are available in three models. While basic machine function is the same in each case, infeed and discharge locations vary to accommodate the customer’s can handling requirements. All guides and rails are hard chrome plated for can mobility and long wear. A sliding base for easy tin line adjustments on swinglines and an automatic lubrication system are available as extra cost options. Existing machines can be field retrofitted with conversion kits for these options. For information about Belvac’s CC93CL to CC95 Conversion Program click here.

MODEL CC95 series trimmers are available in a crossflow-style infeed and discharge. A speed rating of 500 CPM is achieved by using five cutting cartridges and spindle assemblies. These subassemblies interchange with the model CC93 series trimmers, which allows the use of existing spares stocks and eliminates the need for retraining of maintenance personnel. An automatic lubrication system is standard on the Model CC95 Trimmer. A sliding base for easy tin line adjustments on swinglines is available as an extra cost option.

CC93 Can Flow: RML TYPE

Can flow in this RML vertical stack type feed is regulated by a constant velocity starwheel and a can sensor that activates the air cylinder pin stop.

CC93 Can Flow: CL TYPE

The infeed method and the basic operation systems are identical to the vertical stack type of the RML but the lower angle of infeed and the front low angle discharge of this CL type make this trimmer the choice where limited space is a factor.

CC93 Can Flow: DL TYPE

The DL machine was designed to minimize the number of diameter change parts required for swing line application. The elimination of the infeed turret and its drive shaft permit the entire tower to be exchanged in less than an hour. The constant velocity standard shape is incorporated in the main turret starwheel. This design can be retrofitted onto existing R and RL trimmers.

CC95 Can Flow: CL TYPE

The low angle infeed and front discharge minimize the space required for installation and interconnection to the bodymaker. Cans are fed directly onto the constant velocity main turret starwheel, eliminating downtime due to infeed jams.Features


• Easy Maintenance Cartridges (EMC’s)

• Vacuum grease trap

• Infeed overload clutch (except CC93DL and CC95CL)

• Stainless steel sliding guarding & fascia plate

• Constant velocity infeed

• Automatic lubrication: Option on CC93, Standard on CC95

• Sliding base option

• CC93 available in three can flow configurations

• Available with inside or outside burr

• Variable speed capable

• Extended legs (if required)


• Can Size Range:
Diameter: 202 (52 mm) through 307 (84 mm)
Length: 304 (83 mm) through 805 (211 mm)

• Trimmer Speed Ratings:
CC93 RML & CL Models
400 CPM maximum for 211 to 202 diameters
300 CPM maximum for larger than 211 diameter up to 307
CC93 DL Models
300 CPM maximum for any diameter
CC95 Model
500 CPM maximum for 211 to 202 diameters
400 CPM maximum for larger than 211 diameter up to 307

• Minimum Scrap Length: .188 in. (4.78 mm)

• Maximum Scrap Length: .875 in. (22.23 mm)

• Materials Cut: Aluminum, steel or plastic

• Maximum Gauge Material: .012 in. (0.31 mm) steel topwall

• Dimensions:
Width: 28 in. (711 mm), Height: 52 in. (1321 mm)
Length: 71 in. (1803 mm)
Width: 33 in. (838 mm), Height: 57 in. (1448 mm)
Length: 71 in. (1803 mm)

• Weight:
3500 lbs. (1588 Kgs)
3800 lbs. (1724 Kgs)

• Utility Requirements:
Vacuum: 18-20 in. HG @ 15-18 CFM
(457-508 mm HG @ 0.42-0.51 m3/min)
Air: 80 PSIG @ 2 SCFM (552 KPa @ 0.06 m3/min)
Drive: 3 HP (2.2 KW) 3.5 KVA

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