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CC93 & CC95 Trimmers

Belvac Rotary Trimmers reduce downtime & ensure burr-free, silver-free, step-free trimming.

The Belvac Trimmer, designed for longevity and reliability, with burr-free, sliver-free, step-free trimming, an industry staple for over 60 years. Designed to precisely trim the raw edge that occurs from the drawing and ironing process within the Bodymaker machine. The sliding base feature facilitates ease of integration with the Bodymaker by allowing for quick adjustments of the infeed track location. The Belvac Trimmer is available in two series, the CC93 and CC95, continuously operating up to 400 CPM and 500 CPM respectively. 

The CC93 Trimmer series features two models, the RML and CL, which repositions the discharge location in respect to the infeed. This accommodates customer’s trackwork requirements while still utilizing the same base structure and major turret components. The Regular Medium Long (RML) style is designed so the preformed cans enter and exit on the same side of the Trimmer. While the Crossflow Long (CL) style is designed with the infeed and discharge on opposite sides of the machine, which is ideal when space is a limiting factor. 

The CC93 Trimmer series utilizes a can stack that is regulated by a constant velocity starwheel, a design feature of the Soft Touch Infeed (STI) assembly. This feature provides a smoother turret transition without sacrificing high speed performance. Quick change and non-quick-change options are available to fit your plant’s needs, the full tower changeover on non-quick-change models is significantly reduced. 

The CC95 Trimmer series is only available in the Crossflow Long (CL) style and non-quick change, with the infeed and discharge being located on opposite sides of the Trimmer. This model reaches speeds up to 500 CPM, achieved by the addition of two more cartridges, ideal for operations with minimal changeovers. 

All Belvac Trimmers are equipped with many improved features to decrease downtime and maximize efficiencies. The Easy Maintenance Cartridges (EMC) reduces rebuild time significantly by maintaining factory set cutting depths. The Face Seal Manifold (FSM) allows for more adjustment of the air flow and timing. This delivers higher precision cutting; as well as more accurate loading and unloading which results in decreased can spoilage. The vacuum grease trap facilitates easier cleanup and decreased maintenance related downtime. 

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