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Make Cans Move Through Processing Smoothly

Eliminate Tipping and Spilling During Filling Operations

The inherently sticky surface of aluminum makes bottom coating a necessary step in can production.

The Model BV86 Bottom Coater is available in bottom or top drive configurations, with gravure roll for efficient varnish coating while minimizing “sling”; Urethane sleeve applicators are used and can be replaced with a simple operation, requiring only a fraction of the replacement time spent on older designs.

The Model BV86 is suited for solvent or water based coating. Metering accuracy is increased for high solids materials in response to increasing popularity of UV cured bottom coatings. The increased speed potential of this metering system permits a rate of 2000 cans per minute in the top drive configuration.

The 8-inch diameter chrome-oxide-coated laser-etched gravure roll can be ordered with optional cell sizes to suit the customer’s material. A doctor bar assembly is provided with alternative blade mountings to provide optimum metering of a range of coating materials.

The doctor bar adjustments are synchronized by cross drive shafts with worm gearing. The micro adjustment is precise and reliable. The pressure of the gravure roll on the applicator roll is controlled in the same way.

Laser Etched Gravure Roll

The BV86 features an 8″ diameter chrome oxide coated laser etched gravure roll that can be customized for the customer through the use of optional cell sizes.

Precision Components

Sturdy precision components in the coating head unit provide for a well integrated reliable production machine with minimal maintenance requirements.

Coating Head

The BV86 coating head can be mounted on existing BV85’s. It allows increased accuracy for high solids or UV cured bottom coatings.


• Damage-free can handling

• Solvent or water based coating

• Quick change, large diameter applicator roll

• Improved metering

• Graco pump option


• Can Size Range:
Diameter: 202 (52 mm) through 400 (100 mm)
Length: 300 (76 mm) through 826 (256 mm)

• Machine Speed:
Bottom Drive: 1800 CPM
Top Drive: 2000 CPM

• Metering Roll: 8 in. (203 mm) diameter laser etched gravure

• Applicator Roll: 12 in. (305 mm) diameter x 8.5 in. (216 mm) wide

• Dimensions:
Bottom Drive: 35 in. (889 mm)
Top Drive: 41 in. (1041 mm)
Bottom Drive: 80 in. (2032 mm)
Top Drive: 68 in. (1727 mm)
Bottom Drive: 64 in. (1626 mm)
Top Drive: 66 in. (1676 mm)

• Weight:
Bottom Drive: 2400 lbs. (1089 Kgs.)
Top Drive: 2400 lbs. (1089 Kgs.)

• Utility Requirements:
Air: 80 SCFM at 20 PSIG (2.3 m3/min @ 138 KPa)

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