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Bottle Container Manufacturing System (BCMS)

The Bottle Container Manufacturing System is designed to produce the lightest weight specialty containers at high speeds

The Bottle Container Manufacturing System (BCMS) produces specialty neck configurations for lightweight metal bottles with ROPP and Crown closures. Aerosol with Transfer or Ogival Necks available as well. Rated up to 1200 containers per minute running through a recirculation system, the overall machine footprint is significantly reduced. The BCMS is the optimal solution for high speed, high volume, and lower cost of production reaching speeds up to 1200 CPM. 

The BCMS forms containers with a body diameter range of 45mm up to 83.8 mm and a height range of 127mm up to 254mm. Pryoff and/or ROPP closure finish available from 28mm to 42 mm in diameter. 

The BCMS will create a container with a maximum neck length of 69.85mm with a maximum shoulder dimension of 75.95mm. When the container is preshaped on the Belvac Shaper, the maximum forming capability will extend up to 200mm from the top edge. The minimum neck length is 5.8mm. The combination of Shaper and BCMS produces long-neck bottles and custom shapes. 



After entering the machine through the infeed, the preform containers are lubricated and fed into the odd pockets on each turret. The preforms enter a series of progressive necking operations, which include trimming stages until they reach the threader. The first pass necked preforms are then recirculated back through the second infeed. The BCMS has pocket-to-pocket integrity through each process turret. The bottles are lubricated a second time and proceed through the even pockets of each turret to complete the bottle forming process.   

The advanced patent forming technology can create a Roll on Pilfer Band (ROPB) groove on a single module versus the traditional neck and expansions processes. This eliminates the need for expansion cameras and blow-off resulting in less wear parts, loss of process air, and lower spoilage.  

Coupling the BCMS and Belvac’s Container Engineering Services, brands are able to differentiate products with exclusively designed market samples, manufactured on Belvac’s pilot line. Belvac supports from concept to production ensuring containers meet performance specifications. Services include the design and engineering of process tooling for the entire canmaking line, which includes Cupper, Bodymaker, and Necker tooling. 

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