The Belvac Bodymaker

Utilizing a hypocycloid main drive the Belvac Bodymaker produces superior can quality with low tear off rates, continuously operating up to 400 CPM.

The Belvac Bodymaker is a compact design, utilizing hypocycloid main drive which features no vertical movements and low ram deviation. Available in two models, the BM 24 and BM 30, the Belvac Bodymaker continuously operates up to 400 cpm and 350 cpm, respectively. Quality, reliability, and accuracy are the foundation for this state-of-the-art design. Unlike other models, the Belvac Bodymaker has low vibration resulting in no foundation requirements, saving facility upgrades and maintenance costs. 

The hypocycloid main drive utilizes symmetrical acceleration patterns, which balances the machine both statically and dynamically generating an exact straight-line motion. Low ram deviation results in superior can quality marked by low tear-off rates, and accurate body wall thicknesses.  

The Bodymaker, value engineered to facilitate low maintenance and cost of operation. Reduced oil consumption attributed to minimizing leak paths in the design and properly maintained ram and shaft seals. Reduced contamination of the coolant requires the change out frequency to be significantly reduced, saving downtime. Increased ironing die life is another feature which adds value and reduces replacement related maintenance costs and downtime.  

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