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The Belvac Printing Sleeve

Improved uptime with a reduction in can spoilage, the Belvac Printing Sleeve provides unparalleled performance.

The Belvac Printing Sleeve allows for faster label changes, higher definition printing, and spoilage reduction, resulting in increased production output. When utilizing the Printing Sleeve, 8 color label changes can be achieved 3 times faster than with conventional printing plates, reducing changeover time. 

The Printing Sleeves offer higher definition printing of the cans when compared to traditional methods. The Direct Laser Engraving of the sleeves achieves up to 120 lines per inch with no image distortion. The cylindrical shape allows for no image distortion when engraving the sleeve resulting in a higher quality printed image.   

The accuracy of the locator pin allows for a consistent and repeatable registration alignment which results in a significant reduction in can spoilage. Registration can be reached within 50 cans per label change resulting in a significant savings opportunity and simplicity of label change. 

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