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Modular Design Makes Expansion Quick and Easy

This one modular machine has the ability to lubricate, neck, flange, re-profile, reform, and inspect large diameter cans.

The modular design makes expansion quick and easy, and allows all the operations to be combined into a single system.

Quick change turrets are a standard feature on the 810K, a feature which greatly reduces change-over time when adjusting can height or diameter and provide better flexibility for can sizes. This also means that changing the height and diameter requires minimal tools and training.

The 810K Large Diameter Quick Necking System was designed on a modular base to handle a wide range of can body sizes from 211 to 300 to 307, with a can neck range from 206 to 300 and has a minimum can height of 307 to a maximum of 804. The 810K Quick Change Necking System is complete with Neck Lubricating, Flanging, Reforming, Reprofiling, Light Testing, and Pressco Inspection Station capabilities. The quick change features reduce height and diameter change over time by up to 50%. The 810K is capable of running at speeds of 1600 CPM linear or 800 CPM recirculating.

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