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Among Belvac’s Technical Successes is the Model 595K & SK Necker System.

The 595 Value Engineered system features the 595K & SK necking technology that has proven itself time and again with proven speed, reliability, and productivity.

This one modular machine has the ability to lubricate, neck, flange, re-profile, reform, and inspect. The system can handle a wide range of can body sizes, with a diameter range of 202 through 211 and a length range from 307 to 710.

The 595K & SK VE models can process 2400 and 3000 cans per minute respectively without defects, thanks to Belvac’s streamlined continuous motion rotary technology. These proven speeds allow canmakers to keep up with high demands, meet customer’s needs, and find sustainable competitive advantage. The modular design of the 595VE can accommodate up to 18 stages of necking. Additional turrets can be ordered individually and can expand the machine’s capability as your needs change. This modular design makes expansion quick and easy, and allows all the operations to be combined into a single system.

Quick change turrets are a standard feature on the 595VE, a feature which greatly reduces change-over time when adjusting can height or diameter and provide better flexibility for can sizes. This also means that changing the height and diameter requires minimal tools and training.

The turret design for the 595VE necker has been simplified with the standardization of quick change. Among the changes are a switch to the simplified Lincoln Lube Injectors and a consolidation of the air and grease manifolds. The shaft length was shortened, the casting weight was reduced, and the dual bearing design was changed to a single bearing. To make assembly and disassembly easier the gear is mounted directly to the shaft with a ringfeder and the reduced diameter air manifold now fits through the rear base. The original bi-fold guard has been re-designed to be lighter and easier to operate. The slimmer tubing frame structure and large windows provide improved turret visibility.

The 595VE system is value engineering at it’s best. Belvac has takes the proven 595 technology and made it more efficient and cost effective. The turrets have been standardized, the machine operations have been streamlined and reduced, and many components have been combined and simplified. Several components have been eliminated, and some, such as the guards, have been redesigned to use less material. These changes cut material and part costs while not only refusing to sacrifice quality but actually improving the performance and ease of use of this system. The value improvements didn’t stop with manufacturing. The standardized quick change reduces the amount of parts and time required for changeover. The adjustments can be made with common hand tools.

The 595VE provides upgraded features at a lower price than the previous 595K, making it the best option for proven Belvac high speed necking technology.

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