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The 595VE Necker series is engineered for longevity, offering the highest cost-effective setup.

The 595VE Necker series is a robust modular machine. With features such as a solid ram design contained within a removable assembly for workshop rebuild, it’s designed for longevity and reliability while delivering a consistent production quality can. The 595VE Necker is available in two models, the K and SK, at 2400 and 3000 cans per minute respectively. 

The 595 Necker series has been valued engineered with a focus on efficiency and cost effectiveness. The turrets have been standardized, making machine operations streamlined and reduced with many components combined and simplified. Reducing the time required for can-size dependent component changeovers and giving operators more flexibility by using common hand tools when making machine adjustments. 

The 595VE SK model is fitted with spring-loaded cam followers, which facilitates a significant reduction in size changeover times. This feature along with higher drive power and better lubrication increased the rated speed, to achieve 3000 CPM. 

Belvac’s Intermediate Infeed was designed to increase flexibility and efficiency for the customer while saving equipment cost and floor space requirements. The addition of an Intermediate Infeed allows cans to be fed into the machine “downstream” of the primary infeed. Secondary can sizes can be run while requiring fewer necking stages than the primary without utilizing idle through kits on turrets prior to the Intermediate Infeed. By shutting operation off on the front half of the machine, operators do not lose costly utilities. 

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