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595 Shaped Can Necker

Unchallenged Speed, Flexibility and Productivity

For over thirty years Belvac has set Production Standards in the metal container industry Worldwide with state of the art can forming machinery.


As the world’s Global Brands continue to drive increased volume and competitive costs for differentiated metal containers for the beverage, aerosol, and food industries, the demand for high-speed production machinery that produces cost effective branded containers is also growing. Belvac Production Machinery meets this demand with machinery and complete process solutions of producing metal containers at high speeds, with high throughput, and reduced metal consumption.

Containers that require vertical sidewall shaping and need to be finished as a can require a high-speed, dependable, and proven necking solution. The 595 Necking Platform is a per- fect choice. The 595 , equipped with trans- port modifications that will accommodate cans with shaped sidewalls, will effortlessly handle the shaped cans through all stages of the necking and associated processes.

The modifed 595 is capable of performing as a dual purpose necker. The 595 will neck shaped cans at up to 1200 per minute and standard straight wall cans at up to 2400 per minute. All the quick-change features of the 595 platform remain in both applications.

Belvac’s modified 595 Shaped Can Necker is an integral part of Belvac’s complete process solutions capable of producing shaped metal containers at high speeds, with high throughput, and with reduced metal consumption. Belvac full service solutions supports container design and engineering, manufacturing process design and integration, provides a broad range of machinery for container shaping solutions as well as machinery installation and start up. Belvac will also support full container qualification processes. The Belvac partnership solution is the right choice for all your metal container shaping needs.

Belvac is the prefferred choice of the world’s two piece can makers and the most trusted source for canmaking technology world- wide. Belvac leads the industry with its design and production of continuous motion rotary technology. Belvac provides beverage canmakers with high-speed trimming, necking, base reprofiling and reforming, bottom rim coating, flanging and inspection technol- ogy. Belvac has enabled their customers to steadily increase line speeds and improve quality and productivity, while significantly reducing materials costs. Belvac customers have a sustainable competi- tive advantage in their market With nearly half a century of experience developing cutting edge machinery and almost 100% of its machines still in use, Belvac is the best option for new and innovative manufacturing processes. A testament to Belvac’s dedication to quality, defect free products and precision engineering is that nearly all their machines are still in service — the oldest was made in the 1970s. Belvac engineers design their machines with industry leading precision. This technology is backed by Belvac’s highly trained engineers who have installed and serviced machines in 49 countries.


• The 595 Shaped Can Necker is set up as either a single or dual drive depending on the required number of operations and subsequent number of stages required to arrive at the desired container

•  The 595 Necker demonstrates pocket-to-pocket integrity as the can moves through the necking process.

• Cans transfer with 12 pocket to 12 pocket starwheels

• The modular design of the 595 platform features automatic lubrication, an optional integrated waxer infeed for unshaped cans, and air assisted discharge track work.

• The modular design also integrates a flanger, reformer, reprofiler, light tester, and inspection module in addition to the necking modules.

• The 595 platform can accommodate up to 18 processing modular bases and an additional two-stages for can inspection modules.

• Belvac’s infeed track work is compatible with many systems designed by many manufacturers.

• The infeed uses a constant velocity vacuum starwheel which brings cans into the machine at a steady rate. Damaged cans are dropped before entering the system, preventing jams and interruptions.

• The ram assembly has a 1.75-inch stroke with a 180-degree working arc.

• On the 595 platform, modified for shaped cans, vacuum piloted push plates introduce the can to the tooling keeping it concentric and square. The push plate manifold is adjustable for timing purposes.

• The vacuum transfer star wheels are also mechanically adjustable to allow for handling requirements of different or variable shape sidewalls.

• Vacuum is applied to the shaped can at different positions through these star wheels to assist in handling.

• Belvac’s can waxer is designed to apply mineral oil or hot wax lubricant to the exterior open ends of the cans prior to the necking operations (not shown on the machine.) Belvac offers a 450QC stand alone waxer module for shaped cans.

• The Belvac base reformer is essential for light weighting in the can making process.

• Reformer tooling assembly maximizes dome reversal and drop strength giving can makers the ability to use thinner coil stock. In addition, reforming allows improved inside spray with more reliable coverage.

• The Belvac base reprofiler reworks the outside profile of the base of the can providing stackability of 206, 204, and 202 dome diameters.

• This eliminates the need for chang- ing domer tooling in body makers, making it ideal for swing lines.

• A can designed for reprofiling allows improved inside spray with more reliable coverage.

• The Belvac flangers incorporate de- sign-engineering improvements that are essential for today’s demanding flange width requirements for bever- age and food containers.

• The flanger has radial or axial spin heads that improve the formation of the flange and provide consistent flange width.

• The Belvac LED light tester uses proven SENCON technology to provide high-speed inspection for pinholes and gross split flanges: an air jet eliminating unreliable mechanical reject devices consis- tently rejects failed cans.

• Automated, on-line inspection of beverage cans at production speeds is a reality with Belvac’s Vision Inspection System.

• The Belvac vision inspection system includes body maker ID and color dot. The vision inspection system is capable of detecting defects within the neck, flange, wall and dome areas of the cans.

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