Belvac is the preferred choice of the world’s two-piece can makers and the most trusted source for can making technology worldwide. Belvac technology has enabled manufacturing processes to steadily increase quality and productivity, while significantly reducing materials costs creating a sustainable competitive advantage for its customers.


Belvac Container Solutions

Belvac supports a full range of services to provide a total manufacturing solution.

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Belvac Production Machinery

We provide beverage canmakers with high-speed trimming, necking, base reprofiling and reforming, shaping, bottom rim coating, flanging and inspection technology.

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Belvac Decorating Systems

We offer a total package, we not only sell Decorators and Coaters, we also serve these with spareparts, maintenance and consumables.

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Belvac Service Solutions

We provide a full range of services including can, bottle, and tooling design and tooling manufacturing for a broad range of technology and manufacturing industries.

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Belvac Ceramic Solutions

Belvac combines state of the art Zirconia based ceramic formulations with full vertically integrated world class manufacturing processes.

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Belvac Integration Solutions

We provide a full range of integration services including preliminary engineering, feasibility study, project execution, manufacturing & startup support, and technology upgrade support.

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