Belvac’s proven technology is utilized worldwide in the 2 piece aluminum beverage can industry. With over 60 years of innovation in the industry, Belvac has provided their customers with sustainable solutions. Supplying canmakers with Cupping, Bodymaking, Trimming, Decorating, Bottom Rim Coating, Necking, Shaping and inspection technology. Our machinery is utilized in the beverage, food, beauty and aerosol industry worldwide.

Belvac is dedicated to providing customers with the highest performing machinery for the lowest cost of operation. With over 400 employees across ten locations worldwide, Belvac is able to support customers in real time in over 150+ countries.

In 1962 Alphonse Stroobants, a Belgian immigrant opened the doors of Belgium Tool and Die in Lynchburg, Va., a business specializing in high quality precision machining. He founded this business with the old world philosophies of quality, work ethic, pride, and craftsmanship as well as new world entrepreneurial spirit. That rare combination of assets provided the foundation that allowed the company to convert innovative ideas into production machines, that have revolutionized the can making industry.

In 1975, the introduction of an advanced rotary can cutting machine enabled Belgium Tool and Die to capture a world-wide market and make the transition to Belvac Production Machinery. Success with this product established Belvac’s creditability, allowing it, in 1978, to expand into related machinery markets with the development of a bottom coating machine. In 1982 Belvac bought the Colorado division of Irvin Industries, which was the established manufacturer of a necking machine licensed from Coors. Belvac then applied its extremely high standards and innovative improvements to the original Irvin design. The resulting Belvac Necker set new production standards world-wide.

About Dover

Dover is a diversified global manufacturer and solutions provider with annual revenue of over $8 billion. We deliver innovative equipment and components, consumable supplies, aftermarket parts, software and digital solutions, and support services through five operating segments: Engineered Products, Clean Energy & Fueling, Imaging & Identification, Pumps & Process Solutions and Climate & Sustainability Technologies. Dover combines global scale with operational agility to lead the markets we serve. Recognized for our entrepreneurial approach for over 65 years, our team of over 25,000 employees takes an ownership mindset, collaborating with customers to redefine what’s possible. Headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois, Dover trades on the New York Stock Exchange under “DOV.” Additional information is available at dovercorporation.com.


To be:

A global provider of solutions that generate value to manufacturers, brand owners and consumers through a broad based market driven approach in the development of all our products and services

An integrator of solutions that drive value throughout the industries affected by the products produced by our machinery, intellectual property and innovative concepts

An organization benchmarked by our fellow suppliers, competitors and core customers for our quality, performance, service and technology in the markets in which we compete

A leader in utilizing world class Business Operating Systems

An organization with a work environment dedicated to continuous improvement in quality, performance and social responsibility

An environment dedicated to employee creativity through empowerment

As a result, Belvac shall increase customer success, employee satisfaction, and shareholder wealth.


We will provide high quality products and service in a timely manner

We will continuously invest in improving our Human Resources, Products, and Processes

We will be the best that can be in our selected markets

We will not compromise customer or employee safety

We will recognize our customers’ needs, and our dependence on them, and thereby strive to exceed their expectations

We will be …

Honest and trustworthy in all our relationships

Reliable in carrying out assignments and responsibilities

Truthful and accurate in what we say and write

Cooperative and constructive in our treatment of fellow employees, customers, and all other persons

Law abiding in all our activities

Committed to accomplishing all tasks in a superior way

Economical in utilizing company resources

Dedicated to service in our company and to improvement of the quality of life in the world in which we live


Belvac is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and services delivered on time. We achieve these high standards by fostering a culture of continuous improvement of our processes, improving efficiencies via reduced waste, accelerated throughput, and thus, improved long-term shareholder wealth.

Quality Objectives

Objectives are aligned with our policy on quality and vision. They are reviewed by leadership and updated as needed to stay in alignment as our business needs grow and change. Belvac’s objectives are communicated, and available, throughout the organization.

Scope of Belvac Production Machinery’s Quality Management System

The Quality Management System described in this manual, along with supporting processes and documentation, meets all requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 International Standards.

Belvac’s Quality Management System includes design, development, production, installing and servicing of high-speed production equipment and parts for the packaging industry. Each Belvac facility is covered, either in full or in part, by this scope and is dependent on their specific role and outputs as a satellite facility. Additionally, external resources (subcontractors and/or suppliers) are considered an integral part of Belvac’s processes and as such are covered within the scope of Belvac’s QMS.

Belvac continuously seeks to understand requirements, opportunities, and/or issues that may arise from all its interested parties (Dover (shareholder), customers, suppliers, competition, and economic markets/environments) regardless of location (local, regional, national, or international) and are considered using a risk based approach. This quality management system has been established to serve as a central source of policies, practices and responsibilities and applies to all activities and personnel within Belvac facilities and its external resources.

Varying needs, particular objectives, the products provided, the processes employed and the size and structure of BPM, Inc. influences the design and implementation of BPM, Inc.’s quality management system. It is emphasized that the quality management system requirements specified herein are complementary to technical requirements for products and services.

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