Bottle Container Manufacturing System (BCMS)

Complete Solutions For Bottle Containers

The BCMS is the solution for high speed, high volume, lower cost production of branded metal bottles or aerosol containers.

Complete Solutions For Bottle Containers

The BCMS will produce a metal bottle with either a Crown or ROPP closure or an aerosol container from either a straight wall or shaped wall preform.
The BCMS, forms containers with a body size range of 45mm up to 83.8 mm and a height range of 127mm up to 254mm. In addition to a Crown closure, ROPP closures in 28mm and 38mm diameters are also available.
The BCMS, will create a container with a maximum neck length of 69.85mm with a maximum shoulder dimension of 75.95mm. When the container is preshaped on the Shaper the maximum forming capability will extend up to 200mm from the top edge. The minimum neck length is 5.8mm..

How the BCMS Works

The BCMS is rated as speeds up to 600 containers per minute running through an alternate pocket recirculation system. After entering the machine through a dual infeed, the preform containers are lubricated then fed into the even pockets on each turret. The preforms enter a series of progressive necking operations, which may include trimming stages until they reach the dual discharge. The partially shaped prefroms are then recirculated back through the dual infeed. They are lubricated a second time and then proceed through the even pockets of each turret to complete the bottle forming process.
The bottles then enter the dual discharge for a second time and then proceed to the finishing stages to receive a Crown or threaded ROPP closure or are curled to form an aerosol container. Other finishing stages can include necking, trimming, and curling.
The BCMS has pocket-to-pocket integrity with ten pockets for each working and transfer turret in the forming processes and five pockets in the turrets of the finishing stages. The turret cam is matched velocity with a 180 degree working arc. The effective push cam stroke is 114.3mm and a maximum knock out cam stroke of 72.9mm. The BCMS has quick-change capabilities for both height and diameter changes.

BCMS Brochure

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