A Revolutionary Design Concept

THE BELVAC marks a new generation of Necking — smart machinery design that will increase energy savings on a per can basis and will create the highest return on your investment.


Benefits of THE BELVAC

THE BELVAC is the right choice for your future can making needs with its new generation in necking. How? By being designed to create the best quality can, produced at a lower cost can. It offers a lower maintenance costs through improved machine up-time. Easy floor level maintenance access for service can increasing savings and provide longer component life. This produces energy savings on a per-can basis. Bottom line — THE BELVAC will create the highest return on your investment. More specifically, here are benefits unique to THE BELVAC.


For over thirty years Belvac has supplied the Metal Container Industry and Brands Worldwide with State of the Art container shaping technology. The Introduction of THE BELVAC necker marks a new generation of smart machinery. Designed to optimize production throughput, container quality, and operational expenses, while reducing associated maintenance and downtime, this state of the art necker knows no parallel. The intelligent manufacturing system and the high speed selective sorter on THE BELVAC necker is capable of performing dynamic quality control and sampling, intelligent troubleshooting of upstream problems, and developing predictive maintenance programs.

THE BELVAC will set a new standard for speed reaching 3600 containers per minute. The increase in speed as well as the increase in container quality is the result of precision design incorporating full piloted tooling and a larger working arc. The cantilever design also provides unprecedented ease of access. The new turret is fully piloted with a 50.3 millimeter die stroke and a 270 degree working duration allowing for lower ram accelerations and reducing the necking stages from 14 to 12 for 211 to 202 neck reductions.

  • The revolutionary design concept of THE BELVAC has a common modular base. All modules are the same. Any module can have the drive motor gearbox on it.
    Modular Base

  • THE BELVAC has a main drive with a flange mounted gear reducer that eliminates pulleys belts, and guards. The cooling fan is integrated and gear ratios are optimized for a wide speed range.
    Gear Reducer

  • The steel gear drive train has a reliable proven oil bath.
    Steel Drive Gear Train


THE BELVAC Tech. Specs