Belvac Continues Its Growth in the Plastic Container Market!!

While Belvac Production Machinery continues to offer innovation and world class solutions in machinery systems for 2-piece beverage can producers, we have enjoyed rapid growth in our PCS (Plastic Container Systems) product line, with converting solutions for plastic bottle blow molders, and their end user packaging companies.

Our expanding range of success stories includes a wide array of consumer packages in food, beverage, and other high volume production.

Most recognizable food products include jelly, applesauce, pasta sauces, mayonnaise, granular coffee, and salty snacks.

Our contribution to the demands of the beverage market for superior trim and neck finish include juices, yogurt smoothie drinks, coffee to go, and nutritional supplements.

These high speed and high precision trimming and finishing systems have also been applied to such diverse products as motor oil and tennis balls containers.

Whether you are running containers for food, beverage, automotive aftermarket or other consumer goods, Belvac may have the solution to your demands for highest quality finished containers.

In addition to trimming cylindrical containers with round center necks, our diverse range of trimmer modules, can support offset necks, non-round containers, including non-round neck finishes, as well as our patented flange trimmers for double seaming and conductive sealing applications.

Belvac's patented chipless burnishing systems offer unparalleled improvement to virtually all containers, providing differentiation in both consumer acceptance, and critical seal integrity.

The plastic container market is enjoying a high rate of ongoing growth, predominantly at the expense of other mediums, including 3-piece metal cans, spiral wound composite board, glass and even low cost poly bags. Such growth demands ever-increasing line throughout and operational efficiencies. Belvac has the solution.

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Education Foundation Announces Belvac Production Machinery, Inc.’s Gift

As appeared on Lynchburg City Schools website: January 2013

The Lynchburg City Schools Education Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce receipt of a major gift from Belvac Production Machinery, Inc. in honor of Belvac’s 50th Anniversary for the continuing educational enhancement the Education Foundation provides to Lynchburg students. This generous gift has been designated for the Education Foundation’s Classroom Innovation Grant program, Tools4Schools Warehouse, scholarships to be awarded to graduating seniors, and support of the Foundation’s upcoming Breakfast with the Superintendent on March 14, 2013.

The Education Foundation is honored to be the recipient of Belvac’s generous gift. Through its support of various projects, the Education Foundation encourages creativity and innovation by teachers and students. Foundation programs provide opportunities for students in Lynchburg City Schools to achieve and maintain a tradition of excellence within the public school learning environment. Through the development and support of programs like Classroom Innovation Grants, Tools4Schools Warehouse, Senior Honors Recognition, and student scholarships, the Foundation uses its resources to provide direct assistance to Lynchburg City Schools' students and teachers. All of our programs are only possible through the generous support of individuals and businesses such as Belvac.

Belvac provides beverage canmakers with high-speed trimming, necking, base reprofiling and reforming, shaping, bottom rim coating, flanging and inspection technology. Belvac technology has enabled customers to steadily increase line speeds and improve quality and productivity. Belvac also provides the plastic container industry with innovative machine designs and processes that improve both quality and productivity, while significantly reducing material costs. 

Belvac Announces New European Director of Business Operations


Lynchburg, Va. – Sept 18, 2012

Belvac Production Machinery, a manufacturer of high-speed production machinery for the can making and the plastic container industries, has announced that effective October 1, 2012 Fabio Magnoni, currently Director-Sales, Belvac Europe will assume the role of Director, Business Operations, Belvac Europe. Mr. Magnoni will direct the sales, supply chain, distribution, and marketing operations, and implement quality policies for the Belvac Europe Headquarters in Plzen, Czech Republic and the Belvac Dubai distribution , stocking and service training centers.

Mr. Magnoni joined Belvac in March 2011. Previously Mr. Magnoni worked as Managing Director of Italy branch office of Euro M&C Packaging Machinery S.r.l. for seven years, overseeing the USA, Central & South America. Mr. Magnoni has over 20 years experience in international packaging industry applications. Mr. Magnoni has received diplomas in Industrial Electronics from Instituto Tecnico Industirale Statale Milan, Italy, Undergraduate Management and Engineering for Manufacturing, School of Engineering, University of Connecticut and Master Sales & Marketing, G. Ziemacki Consulting Group, Ancona, Italy.

Geoff Bowlin, Director of European Operations since 2002 will assume a newly created role of Sr. Director-Europe and Mid East Customer Relations through his planned retirement date of December 31, 2012.

"These changes are in alignment with Belvac’s Strategic Direction to create better coverage of our customer base and provide for long term depth in management of Belvac Production Machinery, Inc.", said Rick Steigerwald, President of Belvac.

Belvac Announces the Opening of the Suzhou Parts Distribution Center


Lynchburg, Va. – Oct 15, 2012

Belvac Production Machinery, a manufacturer of high-speed production machinery for the can making and the plastic container industries, has announced the opening of the Suzhou Parts Distribution Center. 

A well attended grand opening on Oct 12,2012 marked the event. The opening of this center further supports Belvac's global commitment to its customers and the continued economic growth opportunities in China's food and beverage service sector. Belvac recognizes China as the world's fastest growing major economy in this sector with annual growth of over 10% for the previous 16 years.

The Suzhou facility currently supports Belvac customers with spare parts, kits refurbishment, as well as maintenance tasks. Future plans for facility include a machinery demonstration area and the further development of customer support areas to include training programs.

"Our Suzhou Parts Distribution Center will allow Belvac to expand our business and to continue to meet the increasing needs of our growing customer base throughout China", said Rick Steigerwald, President of Belvac.

Patent Awarded to Belvac #7,530,445

Lynchburg, Va., July 7, 2009 -- Belvac Production Machinery, Inc., A Dover Company (NYSE-DOV), and a leader in 2 piece can machinery manufacturing, has been awarded a new United States patent for their Bottle Can Manufacturing Apparatus on the various metal forming machine products. The new patent is U.S. #7,530,445, which is for Long Stroke Slide Assemblies.

Defined by the patent abstracts as: ”A slide assembly for use on a forming turret in a machine line that forms articles, such as cans, comprises a fixed rail, a slide block configured to slide in the rail, and an adaptor that is mounted to the rail. The slide assembly is configured to provide at least a 4.0 inch or more stroke that is stable and minimizes shaking or other movement. The slide assembly is designed such that ends of at least one of the adaptor and rail remain rigid during the stroke operation.”