Belvac Continues Its Growth in the Plastic Container Market!!

While Belvac Production Machinery continues to offer innovation and world class solutions in machinery systems for 2-piece beverage can producers, we have enjoyed rapid growth in our PCS (Plastic Container Systems) product line, with converting solutions for plastic bottle blow molders, and their end user packaging companies.

Our expanding range of success stories includes a wide array of consumer packages in food, beverage, and other high volume production.

Most recognizable food products include jelly, applesauce, pasta sauces, mayonnaise, granular coffee, and salty snacks.

Our contribution to the demands of the beverage market for superior trim and neck finish include juices, yogurt smoothie drinks, coffee to go, and nutritional supplements.

These high speed and high precision trimming and finishing systems have also been applied to such diverse products as motor oil and tennis balls containers.

Whether you are running containers for food, beverage, automotive aftermarket or other consumer goods, Belvac may have the solution to your demands for highest quality finished containers.

In addition to trimming cylindrical containers with round center necks, our diverse range of trimmer modules, can support offset necks, non-round containers, including non-round neck finishes, as well as our patented flange trimmers for double seaming and conductive sealing applications.

Belvac's patented chipless burnishing systems offer unparalleled improvement to virtually all containers, providing differentiation in both consumer acceptance, and critical seal integrity.

The plastic container market is enjoying a high rate of ongoing growth, predominantly at the expense of other mediums, including 3-piece metal cans, spiral wound composite board, glass and even low cost poly bags. Such growth demands ever-increasing line throughout and operational efficiencies. Belvac has the solution.

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